believes that the domox solution can be of great value to you as an authorized Aritech dealer. The domox solution enables you to add value for your customer and improve customer satisfaction and retention. In addition the set-up of the solution can bring recurring revenue streams with significant margins.

domox schema

Integrate domox into your annual maintenance efforts

There is no need to free up valuable commercial or engineering resources to be successful with domox. Just regard domox as a logical, easy and effective upgrade of the intrusion alarm panels that they already are using.

Make your clients aware of this upgrade opportunity before you visit them as part of their annual maintance contracts. Upgrading IP-connected Aritech ATS Classic or Advanced alarm panels is a piece of cake. Commercially and technically.

Turn any iPhone or iPad into an intuive Aritech alarm panel!

User benefits:

The value of domox is threefold:

  • Securely convert any iPhone or iPad into a virtual alarm panel that enables users to manager their intrusion detection system anywhere at anytime.
  • Incorporate video feeds of IP cameras into the app. While monitoring pro-actively or when responding to an alarm; the client does not have to switch between multiple apps.
  • Home automation systems (that conform to the KNX standard) can easily be integrated into the domox system.

All this in one secure, easy-to-use app!

Installer benefits:

The domox solution consists of a domox controller, the domox portal and the domox Controll App.

Make your clients smile. And strengthen your business with an additional recurring revenue stream.

An award-winning wizard can be used to configure the domox system. And the portal supports remote support and reconfigurations.

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